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Assistance with your data management needs

Whether we’re talking internal documentation or external sources, data is everywhere – and the flood of data is only increasing. All that structured and unstructured information is the core of your information supply, but it doesn’t do you any good until you can transform all that data into valuable insights for your business. Are you overwhelmed by the huge volume of information? We would be happy to help you with data management.

The benefits of data management

Data is becoming increasingly important to organisations. The main focus is on reliable data that can be accessed quickly and easily, enabling you to take decisions effectively and efficiently – and that’s not all. Data is often considered a strategic business asset. That means that the information could give you a permanent competitive edge… If your data is managed properly and stored effectively.

Reframing the context

These days the business has become a ‘data consumer’. The business defines its own parameters for which data is relevant and what the best way would be to access it. IT plays a more supporting role in that context. This reframing leads to a new focus. Companies are far more occupied with developing data governance programmes and data management structures at this point. That’s not a once-and-done event, but an ongoing process of constant coordination and improvement. This is a huge challenge for many organisations.

Here’s what we can do for your organisation

Do you have a hard time managing and controlling your company’s master data? Feel free to call on our experts. At Tentive, we are happy to help you with sustainable solutions in the following areas:

Data governance. We support you in all data-related activities. That includes organising such activities and defining the roles you need in that context.

Master Data Management. We help you set up processes surrounding your data, for example when it involves storing data in systems and specifying the times when data needs to be updated.

Data quality. We can support you improving data quality.

Data integration. We help you gain access to data from various sources and systems. To achieve that access, we improve and enhance the data, cleaning up any redundancies and merging everything before transferring the data to the target system. After that, you can use it e.g. for commercial analysis purposes.

Need help with data management? Feel free to call on Tentive!

Could your organisation use some assistance in one of these areas? The specialists at Tentive are at your disposal. We would be happy to drink a cup of coffee together and tell you more about our services, and hear about your perspective on data management issues. Feel free to call or email us for more information or an appointment.