Data quality with Oracle DRM

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Data quality with Oracle DRM

Ingram Micro was dealing with incorrect and incomplete data files. They asked Tentive to improve the data quality by fine-tuning the software that the company was already using. Our experts were successful in their endeavours.

This is Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro is the world’s largest technology distributor and a global leader in IT supply-chain services, with in-depth expertise in technology, mobility, cloud and supply chain solutions. As a vital link in the technology value chain, the company enables its clients to operate efficiently and achieve success in their target markets. Ingram Micro distributes and markets brands from over 1,700 leading companies, including HP, Samsung, Microsoft, Dell and Cisco. The company serves over 200,000 clients in 160 countries. Ingram Micro Benelux employs about 600 people, with some 320 employees working out of the regional headquarters in Nieuwegein.

Incorrect and incomplete data files

The Benelux office was struggling with a persistent problem: the data files provided were often incorrect or incomplete. In most cases, the employees only discovered the errors during the closure process. This meant that they had to modify the data, shutting down the process for several hours. Correcting errors was taking up more time than it should have. To address that problem, Ingram Micro asked Tentive to come up with a solution to improve the quality of the delivery process. This would ensure that the end-of-month wrap-up would be more efficient and effective. The company wanted Tentive to base its solution on the software they were already using.

Oracle DRM/DRG* was the solution

In close consultation with Ingram Micro, we came up with a solution. From that point on, the reference data would first be subjected to a check. After that, the data would be validated using Oracle DRM (Data Relationship Management)**. This change in the delivery process had positive effects. The company saw a significant improvement in the quality of the reference data in Oracle EPMA*** and Oracle HPCM****. As a result, data delivery became a one-step process. Employees no longer had to put the closure process on hold to correct errors. That freed up a lot of time, which Ingram Micro could spend on analytics and other useful activities. When other data delivery locations heard about the solution, they also embraced the new process.

Assistance with your data quality

Could your organisation also use some assistance in improving data quality? Or would you appreciate our expert advice? Here at Tentive, we sit down with you to see what we can do for your company. We are looking forward to meet.

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Explanation of the IT solution acronyms
● * Oracle DRG stands for Oracle Data Relationship Governance. This fully configurable application automates approval of change requests and data sanitisation workflows between various users, using automated business processes.
● ** Oracle DRM stands for Oracle Data Relationship Management. It helps organisations to pro-actively manage changes in the master data between operational, analytical and Enterprise Management silos.
● *** Oracle EPMA stands for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Architect. This software helps users to configure general dimensions from an expandable library. The solution ensures faster implementation of applications, simplifies the design process and analyses the EPM environment.
● **** Oracle HPCM stands for Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management. This performance management application provides useful insights into the costs and profitability of your company.

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