Data Governance Programme implementation

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Data Governance Programme implementation

Kempen & Co wanted access to optimal data management. To make that happen, they needed a data governance programme. The Tentive data management team worked on it, with great results.

What Kempen & Co wanted

Kempen & Co is part of Van Lanschot, a Dutch merchant bank offering services in asset management, securities brokerage and corporate finance. Kempen & Co wanted to optimise their data management. They already had a data manager. What they needed now was for the experts at Tentive to coach their data manager and support them in implementing a data governance programme. Of course we were happy to oblige.

Data governance: design, implementation and development

To help them fulfil their ambitions, we coached and supported their data manager. We helped him with the design, implementation and development of a data governance programme. That started with a Maturity Quick-Scan. Based on those findings, we rolled out the data governance roadmap. We also integrated this roadmap into the master data management plan, ensuring that operational management at Kempen & Co will be even more efficient.

Assistance with your data governance needs

Does your organisation also need a data governance programme? Or would you like advice on optimal data management? The professionals at Tentive enjoy co-creating with you. We will support you in all your data-related activities. That includes organising such activities and defining the roles you need in that context. We can also help you with your master data management, data quality and data integration. Feel free to contact us. We would love to discuss options.

Download the complete customer case

Curious to find out more about our data governance project at Kempen & Co? Then download the complete customer case and read all the details. Just enter your name, email address and organisation and we will send you the link to the case ASAP. Still have questions? Feel free to call or email us. We would be happy to help you.

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