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3 Differences between Data Management and Data Governance

Thiss blog explores the symbiotic relationship between Data Governance (DG) and Data Management (DM) in facilitating efficient data processing within o...

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Optimize processes with Process Automation

Process Automation, involving the mechanization of repetitive tasks through scripts or applications, streamlines business operations by eliminating non...

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The Importance of Business Rules in Master Data Management

Business Rules, rules for master data, ensure that data quality improves, resulting in stronger reports and better decision-making, smoother processes,...

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Five questions to our data expert Erkan Kopuz about Process Automation software

Erkan Kopuz (40) has been working as a data expert for almost 15 years. In that capacity, he has provided and implemented solutions for various data ma...

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Data governance and how it systematically improves data quality

This blog highlights the importance of Data Governance in improving data quality within organizations, drawing parallels to the supply chain of product...

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Advantages of Process Automation (RPA) alongside Data Governance and Data Management

Using RPA, manual tasks can be replaced with a web form, containing only fields that cannot be automated, such as an item description. This eliminates ...

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3 Key Tips for Effective Data Governance

Effective Data Governance is crucial for maximizing data value, ensuring quality, and compliance. This blog offers three key tips: recognize critical d...

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Challenges in implementing Data Governance Program

Data Governance is essential for ensuring data quality, security, and compliance within organizations. This article highlights three key challenges in ...

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