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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

One program for production, a different system for purchasing and sales, software to support logistics, and a program for your administration: each department in the company works with different systems and programs, making it difficult to coordinate everything optimally. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) makes that a thing of the past. Many companies opt for an ERP solution, but the roadmap to implementing an all-in-one system is complicated. An ERP consultant from Tentive would be happy to help your company make it happen.

The benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning

The biggest advantage of ERP is that it boosts productivity while reducing costs, since you structure your business processes much more effectively. That’s because you no longer have separate information systems with overlapping details and inconsistent data. That saves you a lot of time and money, enabling you to maximise your efforts to fulfil customer preferences. In addition, Enterprise Resource Planning gives you more insight into your organisation. The reports reveal exactly where your problem areas are and where improvements can still be made. This enables you to take strategic decisions.

The Tentive services

Implementing an ERP system in your organisation is no easy task. It takes a lot of preparation. An ERP consultant from Tentive would be happy to support you in the process, for example in one of these situations:
● Enterprise Resource Planning is often a significant investment. Accordingly, you’re taking the time to explore your options for a (new) system. You are looking for an experienced ERP consultant to support your company in choosing a system. Once you’ve made your choice, you want that consultant to implement the new system successfully.
● You are currently right in the middle of implementation. You’d like to know whether it’s going smoothly. To determine that, you are looking for an independent party to give your organisation objective advice about the current state of affairs.
● You already have ERP in place, but you’re not sure how to use the system to maximum effect. You would like to get more out of it, and need independent advice to make it happen.

Call on an ERP consultant from Tentive

Does your organisation need help with Enterprise Resource Planning, for example in the areas described above? Call on the experts at Tentive. Thanks to our years of experience with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, we have an excellent network of professionals. At Tentive, you get your own ERP consultant who supports you throughout the process. On larger projects, we ensure that a team of specialists is at your disposal. We combine system knowledge with expert experience and best practices, so you can rest assured that you will get the best end result. Would you like to request more information or make an appointment? Feel free to contact us.