The importance of fully integrating Business Process Management and Data Management

Tentive / The importance of fully integrating Business Process Management and Data Management

Integration of process management and data management 

As a company, you want single trusted business perspective on your data management. To achieve this, data management professionals develop and implement MDM strategies. On the other hand, process management professionals are concerned with streamlining processes and defining organisational dependencies, such as activities/roles/responsibilities. These processes are often designed independently of the data that feeds them. And that is precisely where the danger lies.

It happens quite often that Process Management and Data Management professionals work at cross purposes, resulting in undesired process outcomes, delays, higher costs, etc., while it is actually very important that they work together! Not only to make the organisation less complex, but especially to be able to create ‘one version of the truth‘. Only then can business processes, data management and digital transformation initiatives be successfully implemented.

This Whitepaper by Karel Siemerink, Senior Data Management / Governance Consultant, is based on 35+ experience in manufacturing, supply chain & ERP key roles. He shares causes, common situations and his most valuable tips for a fully integrated process management and data governance.

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