Data Governance, the foundation for building a successful data management strategy

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The importance of data

Data is the lifeblood of nearly all organizations, enabling them to understand and serve partners and customers better, meet compliance regulations, get products to market faster and more efficiently, improve business processes and increase profitability.

Data has become bigger, faster and more diverse, and is used innovatively to find cost-saving opportunities, uncover risks, improve service delivery and customer engagement, and grow revenue.

Data also lies at the heart of digital transformation, letting organizations drive changes in their business models to meet requirements in this new age of the fourth industrial revolution. Data is the fuel for process automation. The success of digital transformation projects depends significantly on accurate, complete and fit-for-purpose source data.

Organizations execute hundreds of business processes across functions/departments in the course of a single day, each with a beginning and an end, sharing the critical need for accurate, complete and fit-for-purpose data to fuel processes so as to accomplish their objectives successfully. Data and processes need to be integrated and managed, as they depend entirely on each other. Data exists to enable employees to make good decisions.

In the Whitepaper Data Governance: the foundation for a successful data management strategy, Karel Siemerink, Senior Data Governance Consultant, clearly explains how the Data Governance function plays a key role and which factors are of great importance in successful data management.

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