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Enterprise Performance Management

Finance departments are increasingly under pressure in all sorts of companies. As a finance employee, it’s no longer just about delivering accurate reports. These days you’re also expected to generate detailed analyses and insights, preferably at faster and faster speeds. Would you like to try a more efficient approach? Opt for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The experts at Tentive would be happy to support you in this process.


What does Enterprise Performance Management involve?

Enterprise Performance Management is a system that you use to monitor and analyse your organisation’s performance in order manage it more effectively. The emphasis here is on the strategic structure of the company, so managers like you have better tools to define strategy and then structure the organisation accordingly. With EPM, you consolidate data from multiple sources and make more accurate trend analyses and forecasts. You can also run various scenarios to test your business model.

Assisted by Oracle EPM Cloud

To achieve that result, we use Oracle products here at Tentive. The Oracle EPM Cloud platform is the most cutting-edge EPM platform on the market. A major advantage of Oracle EPM Cloud is that you can link it to any Enterprise Resource Planning system – so it doesn’t matter whether your ERP system comes from SAP, Microsoft or Oracle itself. Moreover, the platform offers many options, including various modules with individual functions. Our experts would be happy to help you implement the following four modules:

  • Financial Consolidation and Reporting

  • Planning and Budgeting

  • Profitability and Cost Management

  • Master Data Management

Financial consolidation and reporting

Working in a finance department, you’d like to respond quickly to changes in the world around you. The following factors are important: ● Reliable closing that complies with all reporting requirements ● An integrated overview of various business units ● A shorter closing period that costs less and offers more room for analyses and valuable insights ● A better relationship with the stakeholders from the organisation’s finance department All these things are possible with good Enterprise Performance Management – like Oracle EPM Cloud. Our specialists would be happy to support you in this process. We can provide advice and help you with implementation, management and training. Examples include statutory consolidation, management information and a streamlined closing process. Generating annual reports using automated, collaborative methods is also no problem at all.

Planning and Budgeting

Another module of Oracle EPM Cloud focuses on planning and budgeting. Here’s what you can achieve with that: ● Planning and budgeting without cutting and pasting between spreadsheets ● Clear, well-managed processes ● On-time insights ● Tooling that supports your decision-making processes and anticipates your needs ● Working simultaneously with colleagues in the same planning versions The Tentive consultants can assist you here as well. We can adapt the options to your specific preferences and requirements, ending up with a practical suite of modules tailored precisely to your company, which truly meets your needs.

Profitability and Cost Management

With Profitability and Cost Management, you can discover where the hidden costs and profits are located in your organisation and which drivers are affecting profitability. Complex cost allocations are also included in this Enterprise Performance Management module. This requires specialised knowledge – and our experts can provide that knowledge. We would be happy to advise you on your options or handle implementation of the latest tooling, helping your organisation move forward.

Master Data Management

You can only take reliable decisions if you have access to reliable data. That’s why it is vitally important to include all company data in your decision-making processes. Using the right tooling and a process designed for the purpose, you can ensure that your company data is compatible. This requires Master Data Management, another EPM module. Our specialists know exactly how they can support your organisation most effectively, so you can take better decisions.