Is Oracle Enterprise Data Management; DRM in the Cloud?

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Is Oracle Enterprise Data Management: DRM in the Cloud ?

Probably you have already learned a few things about the Oracle cloud application: Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud (EDM). Oracle gave recent a training course last about EDM in Reading (UK) and our colleagues Marco Vissers, Senior EPM Consultant and Jeroen Aalten, MDM Consultant, were there. They are happy to share their experiences and vision with you.

What was missing, has been resolved or changed

Marco Vissers has been allowed to do a number of DRM implementations in recent years. Marco: “Twelve years ago my first project was with a large international bank. This led to the discussion of what DRM lacked in terms of functionality and approach. And I think it’s nice to conclude that everything that was missing at the time is now resolved or changed in the cloud solution EDM. Yet it is not simply the cloud sister of DRM. EDM offers more. So, after the two days of training, I was enthusiastic. ”

Directly in reference data

Marco continues: “where DRM is basically an empty block box where you have to build all sources and target applications yourself, EDM has the (existing) applications as a silo idea where you connect the applications to each other at the reference data level. The old master-slave idea within many DRM solutions is still possible, but is less obvious. That means you that you have to build less and use your existing environments much faster. Projects will therefore be different, because you will be directly in the subject matter and reference data, instead of in the technique as you used to at DRM. ”

Fast development process with monthly releases

The biggest advantage in cloud solutions is the speed of updates as far as Tentive colleagues are concerned. For EDM there is already a very detailed roadmap for the coming six months. A new release will follow each month. The development process is therefore much faster. For comparison: at DRM two versions per year were the maximum.

Policy-driven master data management

Our conclusion: do you want to manage your reference data well? Do you feel the pain of reconciliation and alignment of all data every month and do you want to make a difference? And do you really want to embrace master data management as a concept? Then you are ready to work with EDM. The vision of Oracle which will lead to policy-driven master data management is one that we can endorse. That will be the moment when this kind of tools will really become part of the complete change management process.

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